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    Kangda date industry2016In the hot investment:Advantage:Industry leaders: Xinzheng, henan kangda date industry co., LTD,Located in the red jujube base in China Xinzheng international airport industrial zone,Covers an area of ten square meters,Is a concentration of red jujube processing、Keeping fresh、Jujube scientific research as one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprise 。Continuous innovation: Develop many new product,Such as red jujube powder,Dry red jujube,JiaoZao,Zizyphus jujube,Jujube and so on several big series,A total of100More than one item,The product contains high、In the、Such as low categories。The Internet+Sales model: Thanks to li......
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    Henan xinzheng kangda date industry co., LTD

    The hotline:400-6628-698  


    Join the hotline:139 3821 3621

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    Pass      The true:0371-63870828

    League  Department People:Shu-min chang

    The ground      The address:Xinzheng airport north Meng Zhuang town

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