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Ruixing bengbu compressor co., LTD. Is a compressor industry key enterprises,With many years of compressor sales history,With extremely strict management and sales model。Our company is specialized in special gas compression pattern in our research、Development and production,The company is equipped with independent quality inspection department,Have more than 1、Senior engineer,With new technology to develop new products constantly,Companies using advanced foreign technology,Fill the domestic blank,Get theISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。 Concorde outsourcing parts company with the outside world has carried on the strict quality acceptance,Make sure the machine assembly components conform to quality requirements,To ensure the product quality。The company's main productsZWType,WType,VType,WFType,VFType,SType series,Exhaust from0.2-40m3/min,From the exhaust pressure0.2MPa-25MPa,Suitable for compression of dimethyl ether、Oil field gas mine、The gas、Rich gas、Carbon dioxide、Natural gas、Carbon monoxide、Nitrogen、Ethylene、Propane、The various special gas such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG),Used in the chemical industry、Liquefied petroleum gas station、Gas stations、Oil field exploitation、Fertilizer、Medicine、Mine、Metallurgical machinery、Light textile and other industries。 The company opened24Hours after-sales service hotline,0552-2863375,2863376,Fax:0552-4190930。The proposed solution for you with all sincerity,For every purchase of our company's products,All enjoy free installation guide、...
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